Medical Center prices

Our services

Specialised examination6.000 HUF
Healing massage (15 minutes)4.650 HUF
Healing massage (30minutes)6.200 HUF
Healing massage (45 minutes)8.370 HUF
Pool bath2.170 HUF
Effervescent bath3.720 HUF
Laser therapy2.000 HUF
Underwater water jet massage4.650 HUF
Thermal mud treatment4.340 HUF
Weight bath2.480 HUF
Pack with medicines (Antipholg, Ritex)3.100 HUF
Underwater healing gymnastics in groups3.100 HUF
Bemer therapy3.100 HUF
Physicotherapy1.000 HUF
Galvanic treatments1.000 HUF
Iontopheresis1.000 HUF
Electrical stimulation treatment1.000 HUF
Diadynamic current1.000 HUF
TENS: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation1.000 HUF
Ultrasound treatment1.000 HUF
Interference1.000 HUF
One week complex medical cure without a specialist examination, 10 treatments if indicated by a physician40.300 HUF
One week complex medical cure with medical examination 10 treatments48.000 HUF
Two week complex medical cure with medical examination 20 treatments86.800 HUF
Individuel Physiotherapy 30 min5.500 HUF
Individuel Physiotherapy sesion ticket 10 occasions 50.000 HUF
Group Physiotherapy 30 min2.000 HUF
Group Physiotherapy sesion ticket 10 occasions 18.000 HUF

Wellness treatments

Indian head massage (30 minutes)6.200 HUF
Sole massage5.600 HUF
Kinesiologic tape, bandage2.800 HUF
Lymphatic massage 1 segment 30 min 6.000 HUF
Lymphatic massage 1 segment 50 min 9.000 HUF
Refreshment massage (15 minutes)3.720 HUF
Refreshment massage (30 minutes)4.960 HUF
Refreshment massage (45 minutes)7.130 HUF
Aroma Refreshment massage (15 minutes)4.650 HUF
Aroma Refreshment massage (30 minutes)6.200 HUF
Aroma Refreshment massage (45 minutes)8.370 HUF
Wellness massage with water stream4.650 HUF
Indulging aroma carbonic dioxide bath3.720 HUF
Indulging mud pack4.340 HUF
Water gymnastics3.100 HUF
Bemer therapy physical vascular therapy3.100 HUF

Treatments supported by the healh fund and information

Treatments supported by the Healh Fund

Pool bath (medical small pool)HUF 800 per occasion
Pool bath (thermal bath)HUF 1900 per occasion
Tub bathHUF 1000 per occasion
Mud treatmentHUF 1000 per occasion
Weight bathHUF 1000 per occasion
Carbonic acid bathHUF 1000 per occasion
Medical massageHUF 1000 per occasion
Underwater massageHUF 1000 per occasion
Underwater healing gymnastics in groupsHUF 1000 per occasion

Method of payment

At our thermal bath you can pay cash or by credit card. For further details see information below. 
In case of paying cash you can either pay in Hungarian Forint or in Euro for your purchased service. The return of cash is made in Hungarian Forint 
We accept 
MasterCard, Visa, Maestro

Dear guests!
Wearing a mask is mandatory in our medical department!