Medical Water

Drinking treatment

The medicinal water of Mosonmagyaróvár can also be used as drinking treatment.

It is especially recommended in case of indigestion, lack of gastric acid, gastric acid hypertrophy, chronic intestinal distress, in case of certain thyroid deficiencies and incipient arteriosclerosis, furthermore to prevent caries of children.


  • severe heart disease and
  • vascular disorder 
  • thrombosis 
  • malignant tumour 
  • tuberculosis 
  • acute inflammatory
  • disease 
  • pregnancy 
  • fever 
  • ulcers 
  • infectious diseases


  • Before eating it is recommended to drink 1 decilitre of medicinal water 
  • The medicinal water should be consumed at room temperature. 
  • Please take time to drink water! Always drink slowly, in sips! 

In connection with the consume of medicinal water, seek the medicinal advice of your doctor. The beneficial effect of our special medicinal water of our thermal bath can be more effective, if our treatment methods – if not contraindicated – are complemented with the use of our medicinal water in form of bathing.

Spa treatment of locomotor disorders 

  • for degenerative bone and joint disorders 
  • for chronic, inflammatory joint and muscle disorders (rheumatic diseases)
  • for the post-treatment of locomotor disorders arising from an accident; 
  • for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases in gynaecology

    In case of chronic respiratory illnesses – in the way of inhalation: 

  • treatment of chronic bronchitis (for example bronchitis of smokers); 
  • (in certain cases of) emphysema; 
  • chronic nasopharyngeal, – sinusitis diseases; 
  • (in the form of pulverization or steaming) under regular medical supervision 

Drinking cure for stomach and bowel diseases 

  • chronic digestive disorders (stomach acid deficiency, nervous acid reflux, chronic bowel disease) 
  • for the purpose of preventing the tooth decay of children; 
  • in case of certain thyroid gland disorders and starting atherosclerosis 
  • (under medical supervision!) 

In case of chronic respiratory illnesses – in the way of inhalation: 
In case of the long-term consumption of water, due to its fluoride content, the total daily amount should not exceed 3 decilitre!

Composition of thermal waterIngredientsmgmg aquivalentThan equivalency %
Sodium ionNa +1740,8 75,6998,77
Calcium ionCa 2+6,8 0,340,44
Magnesium ionMg 2+1,00,08 0,10
Iron ionFe 3+0,10------
AmmoniumNH4 + 9,60,530,69
Kation1758,30 76,64100,00
Chloride ionCl-1145,0 32,2942,13
Iodide ionJ- 1,9250,010,01
Fluoride ionF- 4,50 0,240,31
Hydrogen carbonateHCO3- 2690,044,1057,53
Anion3841,423 76,64 100,00
Meta-tartaric acidHBO2 5,0--- ---
Silicic acidH7SIO360,84------
Free carbonic acidCO2 5665,563153,28 ---

Oxygen consumption:  O2= 2.80 mg/liter 
Depth of the thermal well: 2000 m 
Temperature of the thermal water: 74 °C

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