1.  The playhouse is designed for children under the age of 6.

  2. The spa can not provide childcare. 

  3. Younger children can only stay in the playhouse under parental supervision 

  4. Parents with children over 4 years of age should only stay where justified. 

  5. Children and adults should stay in the play area only in dry clothes. Diaper children may only visit the playhouse in a normal diaper; swim diapers are not allowed. 

  6. The playhouse has a limited capacity. 

  7. Sick children are not allowed to visit the playhouse.

  8. Take care of the toys, keep the place tidy! 

  9. Please return the toys to their place before leaving the playhouse.

  10. The playhouse is available to our guests free of charge.

As of today (24.03.2024), our adventure pool 3. will be closed for 1,5 month due to renovation works!

Thank you for your understanding!