Sauna Policy


  1. Sauna world facilities can be used at everybody’s own risk only. 
  2. Access is allowed with a valid entry ticket. 
  3. Visiting the sauna world is forbidden under the age of 14. Between ages 14 and 16 the sauna can be visited only under parental supervision.
  4. The rental fee for sauna sheets is HUF 300, payable to the colleague working in the sauna. Sauna sheets and towels are NOT allowed to be taken out of the sauna area! In the event of loss / replacement, we will not accept any liability and will not accept any complaint. 
  5. Drunken guests, people under the influence of drugs or medicaments may be removed from the sauna world if their behaviour disturbs the rest of other guests or is contrary to any part of the policy.
  6. All guests must follow the instructions of the sauna masters.
  7. Information on the temperature of the saunas, the humidity of the air and the order of infusions are provided on the sign boards next to the cabin doors.
  8. Please do not disturb those inside by opening the door during the infusions.
  9. Shower is compulsory before entering the pools! Before that please wash yourself thoroughly with soap in the dressing room, paying special attention to the crevices (bends of joints)!
  10. It is compulsory to use towels when sitting down on the sauna bench! Please place the towel so that the body surface does not come into contact with the sauna bench. Please use towels correctly!
  11. Food is not allowed anywhere in the sauna world. Alcohol consumption is prohibited. Drinking non-alcoholic drinks is only possible in the lounge, only from plastic cups or bottles.
  12. Smoking is forbidden in the whole area of the sauna world!
  13. Slippers are mandatory in the sauna world (except sauna cabins). Please pay particular attention to the fact that the pavement around the pools, showers and steam rooms may be damp so there is a greater risk of slipping. Please pay particular attention to the risk of slipping!
  14. Rowdy and improper behaviour, the use of cell phones, radios, cameras, laptops, camcorders and other media capable of taking photographs or videos are strictly prohibited! Such devices are strictly forbidden to be taken into the area of the sauna world even when they are deactivated.
  15. The sauna world is a swimsuit and no swimsuit area.
  16. The use of sun beds in the sauna world is only allowed while staying in there. No bed can be reserved on departure. The sauna master has the right to make the unreasonably reserved beds free. Please do not unnecessarily reserve sun beds using your towels!
  17. Large bags (travel and sports bags) are not allowed to be carried to the sauna world. Only toiletries, towels are allowed.
  18. We disown liability for any personal items carried eventually to the area.
  19. Sauna rules (especially in Finnish saunas) must be strictly observed. Contact the sauna supervisor for information.
  20. The use of body lotions, oils and creams is forbidden in saunas. 
  21. We disown responsibility for accidents caused by the guest‘s fault or by the improper use by the guest of the facilities.
  22. Please report to the personnel any extraordinary events – personal injury, fire, the presence of equipment or objects likely to be threatening with accident, and the personnel is obliged to take immediate measures in accordance with applicable regulations.

As of today (24.03.2024), our adventure pool 3. will be closed for 1,5 month due to renovation works!

Thank you for your understanding!