A short description of the medicinal mineral water

The 5 best medicinal waters of Europe

According to the qualification of the National Public Health Institute, the thermal water is a recognized medicinal mineral water. This thermal water is alkaline hydrogen carbonate and chloride thermal water containing dissolved salts, which, due to the high content of iodine, can be classified into the group of iodine mineral waters, and it contains a significant amount of fluoride and silicic acid, as well. 

Composition of thermal waterIngredientsmgmg aquivalentThan equivalency %
Sodium ionNa +1740,8 75,6998,77
Calcium ionCa 2+6,8 0,340,44
Magnesium ionMg 2+1,00,08 0,10
Iron ionFe 3+0,10------
AmmoniumNH4 + 9,60,530,69
Kation1758,30 76,64100,00
Chloride ionCl-1145,0 32,2942,13
Iodide ionJ- 1,9250,010,01
Fluoride ionF- 4,50 0,240,31
Hydrogen carbonateHCO3- 2690,044,1057,53
Anion3841,423 76,64 100,00
Meta-tartaric acidHBO2 5,0--- ---
Silicic acidH7SIO360,84------
Free carbonic acidCO2 5665,563153,28 ---

Oxygen consumption: O2= 2.80 mg/liter 
Depth of the thermal well: 2000 m 
Temperature of the thermal water: 74 °C

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